Dating old spice shaving mugs

The oldest containers featured the ship Grand Turk. In the 1990s, when Proctor and Gamble purchased the brand, the ship became a sailboat.

There are two kinds of mugs in the Old Spice line, one for shaving and one for drinking coffee.

Others are meant to show off some aspect of the shave…or the shaver. Let’s see if we can make sense of the different varieties and what they are used for with this introduction to shaving mugs and scuttles.

First, for the purposes of this article let’s try to distinguish between a mug and a scuttle.

Lather up with Creighton Fricek's complete chronology of collectible Old Spice shaving products.

Start with the bottle index for a list of traditional talcum, travel, and novelty bottles distributed between the 1930s and 1990s.

I started this site to provide a resource to collectors of Old Spice for Men toiletries.The Shulton Company, owned by William Lightfoot Shultz, was the original producer of the Old Spice line of products.His son, George Shultz, was responsible for making the Old Spice a multi-billion dollar, international brand.Sometimes they are made so that shaving soap or cream can also be kept warm for a more luxurious shave. Early vintage mugs and scuttles were generally decorated (sometimes elaborately): vintage mugs in particular often depicted the shaver’s occupation although sometimes they showed membership in a fraternal group or perhaps a favorite hobby.Later vintages saw the beginnings of promotional uses. This mug was produced starting in 1964 and features the “Ship Grand Turk Salem – 1786” and was designed for a 3.75 ounce soap cake.


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