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As of 2015, actor Shemar Moore was not married, but he has been dating Shawna Gordon, a professional soccer player.In an interview with TMZ, Moore referred to Gordon as the hottest woman in professional sports.No longer dating but in love with a woman who's in love with him.According to a sister2sister interview in March 2012, "I'm very much in love and she love me".Gordon plays soccer for the New Jersey team Sky Blue FC.Continue Reading Shemar Franklin Moore was born in Oakland, California.Lately, she as been seen at couple of charity events in N. It is intended for those, who are younger, to pause, and think; "Wait a minute..maybe I would."Post your pics!

But things begin to backfire when he starts to play back.The above-mentioned refusal to piss or be pissed on.Charlotte -Seriously upset when the guy called her a cunt and a whore while cumming (OK I'll give the lady that one since she wants to be treated as such)Uncomfortable with her live-in fiancé sitting naked at the breakfast table Wanted to party and hang with power lesbians but did not even consider getting intimate with one, not even experimentally Did not even go down on guys!Written by: Gary Hardwick Directed by: Gary Hardwick What it's about: Four friends (Shemar Moore, Morris Chesnut, Bill Bellamy, and D. Hughley) find themselves questioning friendship, women, and family after one of them announces he's getting married. Why you need to see this: This film is the cream of the crop when it comes to black male–driven rom-coms. Written by: David Ayer Directed by: Antoine Fuqua What it's about: A corrupt detective (Denzel Washington) takes a rookie cop (Ethan Hawke) through an explosive 24-hour training on his first day as an L. His transformation into the morally corrupt Detective Alonzo Harris will prove to you that King Kong really doesn't have anything on him. There she bonds with a black classmate (Sean Patrick Thomas) over their love of dancing, but the two struggle to overcome their different backgrounds and the stigma around interracial relationships.Plus, it's a fun and endearing look at the kind of conversations that happen when your man is hanging with "the boys." And did we mention you get to see Shemar Moore and Morris Chestnut shirtless in their prime? Why you need to see this: In addition to all the fun dance sequences, the film will take you into a world most teen movies were avoiding back then: a black inner-city high school. Written by: Mark Brown Directed by: Mark Brown What it's about: A woman (Vivica A.Shemar is gay, Has he ever been publicly linked to dating a celebrity female? (212); TYLER PERRY PUTS END TO GAY RUMORS, REVEALS HIS ...


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