Parser doesnt support setschema not validating

The problem was just in this point: new Sax Builder() and the stack was equals wich you showed.

Java offers several options for handling XML structures and files. JAXB comes with the JRE standard bundle since the first versions of the JRE 1.6.

Unsupported Operation Exception: This parser does not support specification "null" version "null" at parsers.

Element 'service', attribute 'request Type': '' is not a valid value of the atomic type 'sr_type'.

Element 'service', attribute 'request Id': [facet 'length'] The value '' has a length of '0'; this differs from the allowed length of '15'.

Element 'service', attribute 'request Id': '' is not a valid value of the atomic type 'sr_id_type'.

This page gives instructions on how to configure various editing programs for writing XML with schema validation.


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