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à Sydney, dans l'État de la Nouvelle-Galles du Sud, en Australie.

Vaneetha Rendall Risner begged God for grace that would deliver her.À l'âge de quatre ans, Phoebe commence à prendre des cours de danse hip-hop, ballet, contemporaine et claquettes.Dès l'âge de douze ans, elle commence à faire des concours à l'école Australian Theatre for Young People , à l'âge de seize ans, Phoebe Tonkin décroche son premier rôle, celui de Cleo Sertori dans la série télévisée fantastique australienne H2O.I appreciated their efforts, but nonetheless I still felt overwhelmed and discouraged. It seems that nothing good will ever come from this. I didn’t like discussing my problems because no one could understand my pain. “To them, this day, Good Friday, is the darkest day they’ve ever known. Vaneetha is married to Joel and has two daughters, Katie and Kristi. I was falling into a black hole, and felt powerless to stop my descent. My husband had left our family, and our children decided that God wasn’t real. Scripture only says, “So the soldiers did these things, but were his mother and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene” (John –25). But as I let this picture of Good Friday wash over me, I realized that my story wasn’t over yet. I’ve clung to that passage, that scene by the cross, for years.


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