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Foreigners travelling to the Czech Republic must have valid travel health insurance.More information: Embassy or Consulate of the Czech Republic If you are staying in private accommodation for more than three days, you must register with the local Foreigner's Police branch.Both Dee and Hayley graduated from Mc Gill University and then University of Toronto, so I obviously had to show off my intelligence with the story of how I forgot to apply for my own graduation (twice!!!!!!!!!!!! As the night progressed, we started chatting about the strange culture of online dating and since we have now established that I like to run my mouth on subjects I know absolutely nothing about, I shared my number one tip to ensure a good first date: steal something together. Unfortunately, none of these questions were answered and we actually forgot Hayley’s first name the next day (no disrespect, Hayley)..Needless to say when strangers meet for the first time, it can often take a while to feel comfortable. We remembered it later, though…after asking Dee for confirmation…On a side note, if you have not seen Broad City, stop reading this article and go watch it right now. Naturally, Nadya and I decided to download it and see for ourselves what all the fuss was about. If you’re looking to make your special guy shine above the rest, Nadia is your gal!Here’s a link to where you can watch the latest episode online. Now Hayley on the other hand, we knew nothing about. What we discovered: it’s basically like Facebook meets Tinder. As all this dating talk was taking place, you might be wondering what Nadia and Maaji were doing? She also sells lasers to vaporize prostates (what?!Czech Republic is a party to the Schengen Convention, along with a number of other European countries.

A working youth is likely to spend their income on themselves rather than contribute to the family.More information: Schengen Convention Minors (anyone under the age of 18) travelling to the Czech Republic unaccompanied or with a guardian must carry a letter of consent from the child's parent(s) authorising their travel.If a minor is travelling with one parent only, a letter is not required from the non-travelling parent.The same strategy certainly does not work in most situations in life, but as long as you have good food, who cares about anything else?Our guests were the delightful Dee (law school graduate and currently working towards a Ph D in business), her friend Hayley (social worker focused on aiding individuals struggling with mental health and addiction), Nadya’s cousin who also has the same name, but spelled N-A-D-I-A (sells hella fancy medical equipment), and her friend Maaji (comes from a family of restauranteurs). These are the questions we wanted answers to, people!With the fall of communism and the Velvet Revolution in 1989, the experiences of youth in the post-revolutionary Czech Republic have been recognized as useful markers of cultural, political, and social trends.


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