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He recently went bk home as he wanted to see his family again as it had been 6 yrs and was forced to marry the girl bcos he has a child with her but he doesnt want to be with her, he doesnt love her or know her, he only did it bcos he hds no other choice, the girls father said that he would kill him and his family if he didnt do it so he had to.

Also if they didnt get married in a mosque just in his house and havent signed anything or had sex yet are they really married? I really still do love him but I am very hurt by what he has done.

,y parents tell me just to walk away and forget about him but I cant do it so easily.

If a family had only one son, I could see how/why they would wish for him to marry within their own culture, religion, be more involved in his life etc. Your heart is in a good place, you will love this baby and it will change your life completely - in a good way, God willing!

But being one of 12 children doesnt seem like his parents would freak out too much just because your an American. I pray that God brings you through this and helps you take the best course of action!


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